Friday 5 February 2016

Day 92

Assalamu alaikum,

we started off our day today with some building centres, followed by Arabic class.  The children wrote the letter -Daad in their workbooks.  

During period two the children practiced dribbling the ball, and hula hooping in gym class.

Period three was Arabic with teacher Salam, and period four was Quraan with teacher Ibtissam today students were rewarded with surprises from teacher Ibtissam's treasure box.

In the afternoon we talked about the life of prophet Muhammad (PBUH), we made pretend wudu' and were lead in prayer by Imam Daoud mashallah.  The students made du'aa and shared it with the class.

We ended the day with some free play, and a game of heads up seven-up.

Have a great evening everyone!

Teacher Safiah

SK2 Teacher

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