Thursday 28 January 2016


Assalamu alaikum,

Mashallah we had 98% of the class in yellow today! We enjoyed bananas at snack time and learned the meaning of the word mellow.

we started off the day today with some language and math worksheets, the aim of having these worksheets is to help the children work on their penmanship and fine motor skills insha'Allah.

The children had Quraan with teacher Ibtissam, the students were being tested on surat al-adiyat.

After Quraan class we had calendar and science.  We learned about materials that can absorb, and about observing experiments and making predictions.  We are observing an experiment called "walking water" in this experiment we can see how water gets absorbed through paper towels.

During Arabic class the students are learning a new letter, the letter ص - Saad, they are also learning vocabulary associated with this letter.

In gym class we had a lot of fun warming up and doing some yoga and strength training exercises.  We also played a very competitive game of ant tag, and pac-man, insha'Allah we will be learning soccer baseball next.

In the afternoon we divided up into our reading program groups and the students took turns going with our wonderful volunteers to the reading program.  Thank you so much to Ammaar's mother (sister Samira), and sister Martha for helping us run the program.  

We also worked on our Hansel and Gretel play and ended the day with a nice game of heads up seven up.

Have a great evening everyone!

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Day 84

Assalamu Alaikum!

We had a great day today, we started off the day finishing off our journal writing, and then we had French with monsieur Said.  During French class the students were still being assessed while the rest of the class worked on some colouring sheets.

During Quraan class, teacher Ibtissam reviewed all the suras the children took this far.  The students will be tested on surat al-adiyat this week insha'Allah.  Here are the top reciters of the month masha'Allah!

We took the letter -O today and talked about the different sounds that the letter O makes.  We also read chapter 14 from Charlotte's Web.

During Arabic class the students worked on the letter -sheen in their practice book.

In the afternoon we enjoyed some free play, and wrote in our phonics books.

Have a great evening!

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Monday 25 January 2016

Day 83

Assalamu alaikum!

We started off our day today with some stimulating centres.  We read our morning quraan, du'aas, and talked about our weekend.

During period two we went to the library, and picked out some books.  Teacher Nancy read us a nice story about a snowman and what he would do if he existed all year round.

During period three we headed to the gym for an assembly on this month's character theme of HONESTY.  The first grade class did an awesome job presenting in front of the whole school mashallah.

Period 4 was quraan class with teacher Ibtisssam, please practice surat al-adiyat with your child.

In the afternoon we wrote in our journals and had French class.  Monsieur Said was assessing the students on their french vocabulary knowledge.

Have a great evening everyone,

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Thursday 21 January 2016

Day 82

Assalamu alaikum, everyone!

We missed our friends Mahmoud and Mesk today, I hope they will feel better and join us back in the classroom soon inshallah.

We started off our day with Quraan class with teacher Ibtissam, mashallah Areeb was the class shaikh today and he was leading the class in quraan recitation!

During period two we did a quick calendar followed by a fun lesson on syllables.  The students practiced clapping out syllables to different words from around the classroom.

Period three was Arabic with a substitute teacher, she read them a story and then they wrote the letter sheen in their workbook.

We had so much fun participating in our last day of jungle sport today, after jungle sport the students were so full of energy mashallah, that we decided to play a nice calm game of heads up seven up to calm everyone down.  

Since there is no school tomorrow, we have decided to assign homework today. Please help your child complete his/her homework on time.

Have a great evening everyone!

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Day 81

Assalamu alaikum,

Alhamdulillah we had another amazing Wednesday, we started off our day with some fun and educational centres.  One of the centres was drawing our very own snowman at night, the children got very creating drawing their snowmen doing different things at night.

We had a quick morning calendar, and we practiced our 4 duaas.  During Arabic class the students learned the lettter -sheen, and they learned different things that start with this letter.

During period 4 we got to visit jungle sport again and the children were involved in many gross-motor building activities including rock climbing, and balancing on narrow surfaces.

In the afternoon we learned the number eleven, and visited the computer lab.

Have a good evening everyone!

Safiah Aghliw

SK2 Teacher

Tuesday 19 January 2016

Day 80

Assalamu alaikum,

There are 20 school days to 100 days of school! So exciting :)

This morning we started off our day with French class with monsieur Said, they were having lots of fun with some sequencing puzzles, the class will be having a test on Monday, and Tuesday insha'Allah.

After French the class had Arabic with teacher Salam, the students worked in their booklets and completed the letter Ss.

During period three we introduced the letter Gg and the sound that the letter Gg makes through the story of a clogged up sink, and the sound the water makes when it goes down the drain.

Period four was quraan time with teacher Ibtissam, the homework for Quraan class is surat al-adiyat ayas 9-10.

During period 7, we wrote in our phonics books, and period 8 we read the story of SNOWMEN at Night, and discussed the possibilities of what snowmen could actually be doing at night time when no one is watching.  

Have a great evening everyone!

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher 

Monday 18 January 2016

Day 79

Assalamu alaikum,

We started off our day today with some puzzles, and blocks keeping us busy and entertained.  We then had the chance to talk about our weekend, making sure we use a full sentence and that we don't use words such as "goed", "hadded", "gotted" etc.  We then had a quick calendar, followed by our silly colours song.

During period two we went to the library and enjoyed reading three books to the students, one about a Magnificent Tree, one was a rhyming book about space, and the other one was about sharing (good sharing vs. bad sharing).

Period three was our math period, we enjoyed a nice game of numbers bingo today.  

Teacher Ibtissam reviewed with us all the suras taken so far, and we had a nice little trivia game between the boys and girls.  In the game, there are two bells, and the person that rings the bell first and answers the question correctly gets a point.

It was indoor recess today, and the kids enjoyed playing with the toys inside the classroom.

During period 7 the children had a chance to work all of their bodies through the obstacle courses and bridges of today's jungle gym.

In French class sang the alphabet song and listen to number songs and read two stories.

Please check class dojo for photos from today's Jungle Gym experience.

Have a great evening,

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Friday 15 January 2016

Day 78 - PAJAMA DAY!!!!

Assalamu alaikum!

What a wonderful Pajama day alhamdulillah :)

We started off the day with soft lullabies playing, and milk and cookies.  The students came in dressed in pajamas with their stuffed toys and flashlights in hand.

During Arabic class the students took part in some Arabic activities and races.  The students raced through an obstacle course to retrieve the letter that teacher Salam calls out.  They also had fun with colours and blocks (ask your child for the details).

In Gym class we went on a secret mission to find the 10 missing pajamas, the gym was completely dark and we used our flashlights to light the way.  We also told a spooky story, and played a nice game of I Spy.

Quraan class was filled with colouring today, since the students are learning surat Al-Adiyat, they got to colour a picture of a horse. Adiyat is one of the ways to say horses in classical Arabic.

In the afternoon we transformed the class into one big slumber party! We put all the cots in the middle of the class and we watched part of the movie Ice Age.

We read Robert Munsch's story Pyjama Day, and we ended our day with our Dojo Points Rewards.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Thursday 14 January 2016

Day 77

Assalamu alaikum!

We started off our day today with some reading followed by Quraan class.  During period two we read our new Snowman Cheer poem.  

In Arabic the class took the letter س-seen , and they learned different vocabulary with this letter.

Gym class was great today, mashallah we had 1 game that was tied at 1 and another game that ended with a score of 2-0 for the yellow team.

In the afternoon we had drama class and the students performed Hansel & Gretel in front of their audiences of their peers masha'Allah.

Have a great evening everyone.

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Wednesday 13 January 2016

Day 76

Assalamu alaikum,

we started off our day today with some fun educational centres including a science centre, where the children got to explore the different properties of snow.  We also filtered some snow to see how much dirt is in snow (hopefully this will discourage students from eating it!).

We had a quick calendar followed by Arabic class.  In Arabic, the students are learning the letter -zain, and the vocabulary words associated with this letter.

We were all super excited to play hockey again in gym class mashallah, the students are doing an amazing job safely running with the stick, shooting, and passing the ball, now if we can get them not to score on their own nets ;-).

In the afternoon we worked on the number 10-ten and visited the computer lab.

Have a great evening!

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Monday 11 January 2016

Day 74

Assalamu alaikum, everyone we started off our day today by cleaning up our classroom.The children did an amazing job helping us sort through the toys and other classroom materials.  It seems that our classroom was being used over the weekend, and it was left in a big mess!!!

We then had our Monday circle time where we talked about our weekends, and practiced our 5 du'aas.  During period two we went to the library, and the children got to sign out books and then teacher Nancy read the children a nice story.

We had science class during period three and we are working on the unit "living and non-living".  We had fun classifying different living things, and discussing their habitats.  I'm always so amazed at the knowledge the students have masha'Allah.

The children had Quraan during period 4, and they were working on surat al-Adiyat.  Please practice this sura with your child at home.

In the afternoon we had an early snack, reading time, and French.  Monsieur Said worked on the numbers from 1-20 as well as the French pronunciation of the letters A-Z.

Have a great evening everyone!

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Thursday 7 January 2016

Day 72

Assalamu alaikum!

We started off the day with some silent reading with levelled readers followed by Quraan class.  Masha'Allah teacher Ibtissam is doing an amazing job keeping the kids motivated and loving Quraan class.  

During period two we did a quick calendar routine followed by writing the letter Dd in our phonics books.  

During Arabic class the children practiced writing their names in Arabic.

Gym class was lots of fun today the children practiced maneuvering the ball while running with the hockey stick and ball.  They also practiced taking shots using both hands on the stick, and how to safely run with the stick in hand.  Insha'Allah tomorrow we will have our first hockey games of the season.

In the afternoon we read a chapter from Charlotte's Web and worked on our wonderful D-dinosaur creations.  Each student made their own dinosaur and gave it a unique name.  

Have a great afternoon everyone!

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Wednesday 6 January 2016

Day 71

Assalamu alaikum!  We are counting down to a 100 days and we're getting closer and closer to that day.  We have 28 days to go!

We started off the day with some center time, where the kids got to take part in a math centre, art centre, building centre, play dough, or language (word search with the kids' names).

We read a chapter from Charlotte's Web called The Meeting, the children are picking up new vocabulary from this story.  Our newest word is the word UNBEARABLE, the children learned the definition of the word and some of them even started using it in class! " teacher the food is too hot, it's unbearable!".  

In Arabic class teacher Salam was teaching the children how to write their names in Arabic.

During gym class we divided up into our teams and practiced some hockey skills, running with the stick in hand, taking shots, and passing the ball to each other safely.  Insha'Allah tomorrow we will have another day of drills and then on Friday we will be having some mini games.

Today was the first day of the milk program alhamdulillah everyone got the milk they ordered.

In the afternoon we had an early snack, followed by a phonics lesson.  We learned the sound and correct formation of the letter Dd.

We ended our day with computer lab and the children had the chance to practice using a mouse, and keyboard by visiting and

Have a good afternoon everyone!

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Monday 4 January 2016

Day 69

Assalamu alaikum everyone!

We had a class of 19 today, we were missing so many of our wonderful friends.  Insha'Allah no one is at home sick, and just taking their time coming back to school!

We started off our day talking about our Winter Break.  Masha'Allah it sounds like everyone had an amazing time.  What we did during our Winter Break was the subject of our journal entry today.  Masha'Allah the children's penmanship has improved tremendously.

We visited teacher Nancy at the library today and she read us the story called The Small Tree.  This story is about a tree that has a hard time dealing with change, and letting.  The tree finally learns to let go and see what an amazing feeling it is to let go, and start fresh :).  Teacher Nancy has noticed how responsible our class is, and she is now allowing them to take out two books at a time masha'Allah.

We had reading buddies today, half of the class stayed in SK2 and the other half went to the grade 4 classroom.  The kids enjoyed being read to, and insha'Allah we will see our reading buddies again in two week's time.

Teacher Ibtissam came in for period four.  The class is working on surat al-adiyat and the homework is to work on ayas  6-8 insha'Allah.

During French class monsieur Said worked on some new vocabulary.

Have a great evening,

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher