Wednesday 16 December 2015

Day 66

Assalamu alaikum,

today we started off the day with some educational centres the students got to make some mittens, and search for the letter M's in our very own class story.

During Arabic class the students worked on the letter -raa and the students learned the word reesha (feather) and talked about the different birds that they know. The students worked on the letter raa in their Arabic workbook.

We are working on learning the rules of dodge ball, and learning how to play the game strategically.  We will be working on dodge ball for the next 3 classes insha'Allah and then we will move on to floor hockey insha'Allah.

In the afternoon we worked on the number 9-nine and visited the computer lab.

Have a great evening,

Safiah Aghliw

SK2 Teacher

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Day 65

Assalamu alaikum!

Today we started off the day with French class with monsieur Said.  The students completed a letter Q q worksheet and vocabulary that begins with the letter Q.

During Quraan class teacher Ibtissam kept the children entertained while learning Quraan with some very creative Quraan games.  Please review the following ayas with your child: Surat Al-adiyat 1-5.

We introduced the letter Mm and brainstormed for many words that begin with the letter M.  We wrote the letter Mm in our phonics book.

During Arabic class the students were reviewing the letters alif-thaal.

Show and tell items have been very  unique and interesting! Keep them coming :)

Have a good evening,

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Monday 14 December 2015

Day 64

Assalamu alaikum!

We started off our day today with some activity centres followed by our morning calendar.  We read our morning message together and talked about our weekends, and our plans for the winter holidays.

We visited the library and checked out some books to read over the winter holidays.  Teacher Nancy also read us a story about rocks, and all the different uses of rocks.

During period three the grade 4 reading buddies visited our classroom and we worked together to create some puppets and then the children worked together with their reading buddies to create a story for their puppets.  The last part of the class was spent presenting their story to another group.  Masha'Allah most of the students worked really well together with the grade fours.

In Quraan class teacher Ibtissam played a nice game with the class to help reinforce their knowledge of the heavy letters.  Students got to feed the hungry monsters some heavy letters, and then they got to pick out some questions from the egg basket to answer them.  

In the afternoon we read a chapter from Charlotte's web and had French class with monsieur Said. 

Have a great evening, 

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Here is a note from monsieur Said regarding the SK curriculum.

Assalam alaikoum Dear parents, I hope my email finds you in good health and Eman.  You find below the expectations at a glance for senior kindergarten with exampls regarding French class. This year we are focusing on listening / speaking  using aimlanguagelearning.

Expectations at a Glance
Senior Kindergarten
Listening to Understand: listen in order to
demonstrate understanding of French oral text
Listening to Interact: use listening skills and
strategies in French in order to participate in
classroom activities.
A1.1 Identify words and/or simple phrases in order to understand oral French text
ExampleStudents respond to simple questions and follow one-step and two-step directions in various
contexts such as classroom routines, song lyrics, learning centres, large-group activities.

Teacher prompts:

« Dis les mots et fait comme Mme/M. » ; « Debout, tout
le monde et venez ici. » ; « Choisis la bonne image. » ;
« Colorie le mot et/ou l’image en rouge. » ; « Où est _____ ? » ;
« Qui peut/veut aider Mme/M. ? »

Student responses:

Students respond appropriately to teacher prompts, both
verbally and non-verbally: « Je suis ici. » ; « Il est là-bas. » ;
« Je peux/veux aider. »
A1.2 Demonstrate understanding of short oral French text, presented clearly and at a deliberate pace by
familiar speakers
ExampleStudents listen to a story, repetitive text, poem, song, text written by teacher, an oral description,
etc. and demonstrate understanding by acting it out, responding to questions, drawing, etc.

Teacher prompts:

« Montre-moi ____ (a character from a story, an object,
a picture, etc.) » ; « Dans l’histoire, _____ est très content.
Montre-moi que tu es content. » ; « Frappe les mains quand
tu entends le mot _____. » (e.g. a high frequency word,
a word with a particular sound)

Student responses:

Students respond appropriately to the above prompts,
listening and/or actively participating verbally and/or
A1.3 Use information and ideas from oral French text in order to make simple predictions and/or inferences
ExampleDuring various classroom activities, students use verbal and visual cues to make simple
predictions and/or inferences about familiar topics and classroom situations.
Teacher prompts:

« J’ai une surprise dans mon sac. C’est un fruit. C’est jaune.
Qu’est-ce que tu penses que c’est ? »

Student responses:

« C’est une banane. C’est un citron. »
Speaking to Deliver a Message:
communicate information orally in French
Speaking to Interact: use speaking skills and
strategies in French with teachers and peers
ExampleStudents repeat and use simple vocabulary and expressions as modelled in various
classroom activities using gestures.
B1.1 Communicate orally in French using words and/or complete sentences while participating in classroom activities
Teacher prompts:

While taking attendance, teacher looks for students
« Je cherche _____. Où est _____ ? » ; « Montre-moi ton ami. »

Student responses:

« Je suis ici ! » ; « _____ n’est pas ici ! » ; « Voici mon ami. »
B1.2 Respond orally in French to a variety of French text to convey information
ExampleStudents respond to shared reading of books, songs, poems, posters, etc.

Teacher prompts:

« Qui est dans l’histoire ? »

Student responses:

« Il y a une fille, un garçon et un chien. »

 Teacher Said
Jazakoum Allah khairan

Friday 11 December 2015

Day 63

Assalamu alaikum,

it was great to be back in the classroom today after being away yesterday,  We had a very productive day with double Arabic periods, and a quraan period.

The students are now working on surat al-adiyaat.  Please help your child memorize the first three ayas.

During our gym period, we learned the rule of dodge ball and had a really great time playing dodge ball in the gym mashallah. 

After lunch recess we watched a short Hansel and Gretel cartoon, and then we started working on our set together.  The children coloured, cut, painted and got step 1 of creating our set ready.  The kids were very excited about this project, the script is ready and we will begin practicing next week insha'Allah.

During our Friday halaqa we talked about respecting our parents and being more responsible at home.  We prayed two rakas and made special du'aa.  The imam for today's prayer was Mahmoud, well done mashallah!

Have a great weekend :)

Safiah Aghliw

Wednesday 9 December 2015

Day 61

Assalamu alaikum,

What a wonderful day mashallah.  We were all scientists today!  Scientists Nancy from Scientists in School visited our classroom today.  She transformed the classroom into a science lab with different science stations that help us learn all about the winter and the different occurances that happen during the winter.  Thank you so much to our wonderful volunteers, we couldn't have done it without you :)  The children got to take home some bird feeders, and snowflakes.

Show and Tell was great today with lots of nice grey items mashallah we had a nice shirt, an air hockey game, and a pot .

In the afternoon we had some reading time followed by our weekly visit to the computer lab.

*Please send me an email if you are planning on travelling before the 18th.

Thank you and have a great evening,

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Thursday 3 December 2015

Day 57

Assalamu alaikum!

We started off our day today finishing off the letter Hh in our phonics books.  The students are really learning to take pride in their work and they are producing excellent quality work masha'Allah.  

In Quraan class the 

During period two some students got to visit the Scholastic Book Fair and purchase some books for their reading pleasure.  

We did our daily calendar routine and practiced our vowel sounds a-e-i-o-u sometimes -y.  We learned that vowels are like the glue that keep the word together and every English word has to have one or more vowels in it.  

During Arabic the students worked on the letter -thaal with tashkeel (fatha-dumma-kasra) they also worked in their text books masha'Allah.

In gym class today we did some gymnastics.  Students practiced doing motorcycle jumps, wall hand stands, rolling and somersaults mashallah.

Show and tell was lot of fun again today with a dump truck, some fridge magnets, a cool toy, a balloon, and some Kraft Dinner!  Next week's topic is SOMETHING GREY.

For art today we worked on our drama unit.  We read the story of Hansel and Gretel and the students acted our the different scenes of the story.  It was a very fun and exciting time for the students.  I am looking for the following items to help us with the props for our production.

- witch hat.
- large wooden spoon.
- children's denim overalls (size 6 or 7 to fit over clothes)
- wig
- men's flannel shirt 
- bird mask or costume
- apron

* All items will be returned by December 18th insha'Allah.

The last part of our day was deeeelicious! We got to enjoy some cake that Alizay and Ali brought to the class.

Have a great evening,

Safiah Aghliw

SK2 Teacher 

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Day 56

Assalamu alaikum!

Wednesdays are SK2's favourite day.  We always start off with an hour of educational centres, today's centres included: 
-writing centre
-math shapes centre/art
-language letter hunt/reading
-play dough/construction
-memory game

Alhamdulillah the class had lots of fun rotating through these centres.  Please check class dojo for photos insha'Allah.

We had our morning calendar and practiced reading a letter Hh story.  We talked about what we had for breakfast, and sang a song that helps us learn our vowel sounds, it is called Apples and Bananas. (ask your child about it!).

During gym class teacher Charmaine lead the class in a series of relay races after some nice warm ups.

Show and tell was fun today with a minion, Sponge Bob, a lemon, a tennish racquet and ball, and a truck.  Thank you all for remembering and practising with your children at home.

In the afternoon we worked on our phonics book and visited in the computer lab.

It was a special day for Alizay and Ali masha'Allah they turned five today and shared some wonderful treats with the whole class.

Have a great evening,

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Day 55

Assalamu alaikum!

We started our day today with some fun/educational centres.  Our first class was with Ms.Layla a substitute teacher replacing monsieur Said.  We took the letter Pp in French and talked about the words that start with this letter.

In Quraan the students were being tested on surat al-Kafiroon, and they took part in a fun Quraan activity.  During period three we did calendar and introduced the letter Hh, we brainstormed words that begin with Hh and talked about the correct formation of this letter.

Show & Tell was something yellow, we got a minion, big bird, and some other cool yellow items!

During Arabic we started working on the letter -thaal.  

In the afternoon we sang our "three states of matter song", and learned the spelling of the number word 7-seven.  We worked in our math booklets, and read a chapter from Charlotte's Web.

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Friday 27 November 2015

Day 53

Assalamu alaikum!

What a jam packed day alhamdulillah.

We started off the day with Arabic with teacher Salam.  Still working on the letter daal and we did some fun exercises with this letter.  

During our second period we did had a mini-science class about solids-liquids-gases.  We watched water vaporize, and are kept a close eye on a frozen balloon that was changing from a solid to a liquid state.  We also cracked an egg and saw how it was a liquid :)

Period three we go to visit the Science Fair that the grades 4-6 put on mashallah.  We got to see models of human body systems and animal habitats.

During period 4 we had Quraan with teacher Afaaf.  We are so excited about having teacher Ibtissam with us again on Monday insha'Allah.

We watched a Magic School Bus video on the water cycle, and played musical chairs!

It was indoor recess today, so we got to enjoy some free play inside the classroom.

In the afternoon we had our weekly halaqa, it was about wudu' (ties into cleanliness our character theme of the month) and we prayed two rak'as in our class.

During period 8 we took the letter Ee and wrote the letter Ee carefully in our phonics books.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacehr  

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Day 51

Assalamu alaikum!

We started off the day with some educational centres.  The students were taking part in a playdough building centre, ramps and balls centre, snakes and ladders, puzzles, and art centre.  

During Arabic class with teacher Salam the students learned the correct pronunciation of the letter daal with fatha-dumma-kasra.  Mashallah they were able to identify these words by hearing how they sound and then identifying their beginning letter.  

In gym class we did some warm ups and yoga, followed by three different games.  The students are really improving in their ability to understand that 1) sometimes you win and sometimes you don't, and there's no need to cry.  2) Sometimes you don't get a turn, and that's ok you need to be patient.

In the afternoon we worked on a small reading book that helps students practice the long-A sound.  The students took these books home and promised me they would practice reading them :)

We ended the day with a nice trip to the computer lab.  The students worked on patterning, beginning sounds, and shapes on

Have a good evening everyone!

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher 

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Day 50!!!! Halfway to 100 :)

Assalamu alaikum,

today we started off our day with some phonics work that needed to be finished up.  Period 1 was French class, the students reviewed vocabulary that begins with the letters A, B, and C.

During quraan class the students were being tested on surat al-kafiroon.  Please practice this sura with your child at home.

During period 3 we had a small science introduction to the three states of matter: liquid, solid, and gas.  We then did our usual calendar routine, and we talked about how animals prepare for the winter.  Insha'Allah we will be having a Scientists in the Classroom visit on December the 9th to helps us explore all the ways animals and humans prepare for the cold weather.

Period 4 was with teacher Salam, and the class is now learning the letter daal, the students learned new vocabulary that goes along with this letter.

The children were super excited about the snow today!  It was great seeing most of the students prepared with their winter gear on.

In the afternoon we took the number 6-six, and we learned how to write the number six in digits, letters, and tally marks.

We ended the day with chapter 5 from Charlotte's Web, the students got to know the characters and are really excited to hear the next chapter insha'Allah.

Today's Show & Tell was great!  Thank you to all of you for remembering to send in something blue with the Tuesday group.

Have a great evening,

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Monday 23 November 2015

Day 49

Assalamu alaikum,

It was great seeing everyone after a three day weekend.  We missed our dear friends Omar and Hafi today, and hope to see them back in the classroom soon insha'Allah.

We started off our day today talking about our weekends, and practicing our three duaas. 

Teacher Nancy was delayed coming to school, and so we went ahead to the library on our own.  We read two amazing books on creativity.  The class is learning to identify the following things about a story:  
- Is it fiction or non-fiction?
- Who is the main character?
- The setting.
- What can we learn from the story.

During our period three class we did a quick review of the letters s,a,t,i,p,n.  We are very good at identifying the beginning sound of a word and now we are working on identifying the ending sound of the word.  We do this by stretching out the word, this strategy will insha'Allah help the children write words which they may not know the spelling of.

The class had quraan with teacher Afaaf for period four.  The children's homework for this week is to practice ayas 4-6 of surat al-Kafiroon.

In the afternoon we worked on writing the letters Cc, and Kk in our phonics book number 2.

The class ended their day with French with monsieur Said and the students worked on a fun work sheet and they also worked on some new French vocabulary.

Have a great evening,

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Thursday 19 November 2015

Day 48 - Costume Day

What a day!  It seems that the costumes gave the children triple the amount of energy that they normally have masha'Allah.  

We missed our dear teacher Charmaine today, and in her place we had teacher Maimuna.  Teacher Maimuna and I were dressed up as Minnie and Mickey Mouse.  It was so much fun seeing everyone in costume, some chose to dress up as themselves and that is fine too :)

We started off our day with some quraan with teacher Afaaf, followed by calendar and reading.

Today the school was visited by the Turkish Ambassador to Canada.  The visit was during our scheduled gym class and so we didn't get to enjoy our regular Thursday gym.  Instead of gym we decided to do some yoga inside the classroom.

We had an indoor recess, and decided to use that time to get some face painting done.  We had some butterflies, fairies, tigers, lions, and even some superheros! 

In the afternoon we played heads-up-seven-up.  

Have a great evening everyone!

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Day 47

Assalamu alaikum,

alhamdulillah we had a productive Wednesday and we are soooo excited about costume day tomorrow insha'Allah!!!!

We started off the day with our Wednesday 1-hour centre time.   Today I was evaluating the children's ability to work in a team and masha'Allah I saw some excellent teamwork and cooperation between the children.  The children used straws and connectors to make a tower that was taller than me!

We then had our morning calendar routine.  Today we talked about stranger safety, and what to do if you get lost from your parent at a store or other public place.  It is very important for your child to memorize their home phone number.  This is something you can work on with your child at home insha'Allah.  
In Arabic class the students took the letter khaa and the different ways to pronounce it with fatha, damma, and kasra.  They also brainstormed for many words that begin with the letter khaa.

We had our second round of show & tell today and mashallah we had some very impressive presentations.  

We ended our day with a lesson on the letters -ck when they appear together in a word.  Like in the words: sock, mock, flock, block etc.

Have a great evening everyone,

Safiah Aghliw

SK2 Teacher

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Day 46

Assalamu alaikum everyone!

The children started off the day with some play dough building activities with play dough and popsicle sticks.  

Period 1 was with monsieur Said, today the children worked on a cutting and pasting activity that teaches the children the names of animals in French.  The students were working in small groups, and did very well during this activity masha'Allah.

Teacher Ibtissam is away and taking her place is teacher Afaaf.  The students are still working on surat al-Kafiroon.

During Arabic class the students worked on the number 2 in Arabic.  

We introduced the letters Cc and Kk and talked about the two sounds that the letter c makes, and we brainstormed for different words that begin with this letter.

The show & tell for this week was: something white.  Mashallah the students brought in many different objects and talked about them beautifully.  

Have a great evening,

Safiah Aghliw

SK2 Teacher

Monday 16 November 2015

Day 45

Assalamu alaikum,

we had a great Monday alhamdulillah. 

We started off the day working on some puzzles, masha'Allah puzzles that once seemed impossible are now being put together with comfort and skill.

During our circle time we talked about our weekends, and read our new morning message.  The children are very excited about having a costume day on Thursday insha'Allah. 

This week is anti-bullying week at Abraar School, during our library period teacher Nancy read the students a nice story about what bullying looks like and the children talked about what to do in a situation where one feels bullied.  

The grade 4 class came in for reading buddies during period three the children really enjoyed being read to mashallah.  

During quraan class the students worked on surat alkafiroon with teacher Ibtissam.  

In the afternoon we worked on the number 5-five, and then the children had French class with monsieur Said in the grade SK1 class!

Have a great evening everyone :)

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Thursday 12 November 2015

Day 43 - Cloud Thursday

Assalamu alaikum,

We had a great Thursday today alhamdulillah. We started off the day with some fun and educational centres, I have found that when the children start off their day with playing and interacting with their peers they end up focusing better during our target lesson time.

Period 1 today was quraan with teacher Ibtissam, the class is working very hard on memorizing surat alkafiroon masha'Allah last week the class was rewarded with an ice cream party!  Congratulations to Ibraheem, Dana, and Daoud for being the top reciters of the month.

During period two we worked on our guided reading story I Am Clean we did our calendar routine, read from Charlotte's web and worked on our phonics book page number 17 this page helps us figure out the beginning sounds in words.

Period three was with teacher Salam and the students worked on the letter خ today, the students helped brainstorm for words that begin with this letter.  

Gym class today was again a skill-building lesson. Students learned the difference between and under-hand throw and an over-hand throw.  The practiced throwing tennis balls inside hula-hoops and they practiced bouncing the tennis balls and catching them.

We had an indoor recess today, the students enjoyed playing at the dress up centre and playing with our modelling sand.

Nap time was awesome, the room was dark from he cloudy weather and everyone enjoyed resting during this 40 minute resting time.  Before nap time students recite two duaas, and ayat-al-kursi insha'Allah with time the students will be able to recite these duaas and aya on their own.

During our last period we worked on finishing off some unfinished work.

Have a great evening everyone!

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Wednesday 11 November 2015

Day 42 - Wonderful Wednesday

Assalamu alaikum,

What a wonderful day alhamdulillah.  Every year I think I have the best class, and then I get the next class and I am once again thinking "alhamdulillah this is the best class!" (masha'Allah).

We started off the day with some educational/fun centres.  Students were working together as a team to build marble runs using different recycled materials.  We also had a writing/drawing centre, a boogie board centre, and a painting centre.  

Period 3 was Arabic with teacher Salam, the children had lots of fun putting together a ح ـ  حصان craft mashallah.
During gym class, we did our usual warm-ups and then each student got a tennis ball and practiced throwing & catching, rolling the ball (bowling style), and bouncing the ball against the wall.  It was a very fun gym class!
We worked on a mini-book "the letter S" this will help the children read and recognize high-frequency words insha'Allah.

We are working on a new guided reading story.  It is called "I am clean"  the children did an excellent job right from the first day masha'Allah.

The afternoon's show& tell was run by teacher Nura today jazaha Allahu khairan, we had many many interesting books.  Thank you all for remembering to send in something with your child. :)

Unfortunately we did not get to visit the computer lab today, the network was down recently and that has affected the connectivity of the computers.
We read a chapter from Charlotte's Web at the end of the day.
Have a great evening everyone!
Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Day 41

Assalamu alaikum everyone!

We started off our day today with some puzzles on each table.  During French class with monsieur Said the students reviewed the letter -Cc and worked on their oral french language by repeating after the teacher.  

During Arabic class the students worked in their workbooks on the letter ح .  

In Quraan class the class read the first three ayas of surat al-Kafiroon.  They have started adding blocks to their quraan castle masha'Allah.  During Quraan class the students got take part in hands on activities to help emphasize the strong letters.  

We read a chapter from Charlotte's web and talked about what we had for breakfast while emphasizing the importance of eating a well-balanced breakfast.

In the afternoon we had an interesting show & tell with a great variety of books.  After show & tell we worked on our phonics books, insha'Allah we will be finishing our phonics book 1 this week.

Have a great evening,

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Monday 9 November 2015

Day 40

Assalamu alaikum!

We started the day off with some educational centres, followed by calendar.  During calendar time we reviewed our three duaas, mashallah the class has memorized the first two and is already very familiar with the third.

Our character theme for the month of November is CLEANLINESS.  The class was part of a school-wide assembly where the grade 3 students performed skits and song to help us understand the meaning of cleanliness.  In the class we are talking about keeping ourselves clean, keeping our classroom and school clean, and also keeping our hearts pure.

We went to the library today and the students that had returned their books were able to sign out a new book.  Please make sure you return the library books by Friday every week so that we give teacher Nancy a chance to check them in to her program by Monday.

On Mondays and Thursday we visit the city park, the children had a great time climbing trees and playing on the structure.  

For mathematics today we took the number 4-four, the students worked in their math books. The last period for today was French with monsieur Said.

QURAAN HOMEWORK: Review ayas 1-3 of surat al-kafiroon.

Have a great evening,

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Day 38

Assalamu alaikum,

today we started off our day with some educational centres.  The children practiced writing, typing, cutting, glueing, and they had a taste-testing centre where they got to record their findings.

During Arabic class the students were itnroduced to a new letter, the letter ح through a fun story about Hakim حكيم and his horse حصان.  The students then worked in their textbooks and completed the page for the letter ح.

In gym class the students practiced four different types of movement in five teams, each team got a name of the body part used for the five senses.  The eye, tongue, nose, ears, and fingers teams!  We then played a game of germ tag :)

In the afternoon we had an interesting show & tell with fun objects being brought in, mashallah we had round coasters, a round slinky, a round night light, a snow globe, and some other round toys.

We ended off our day in the computer lab were most of the students were practicing mathematical patterns on the starfall website.

Thank you to Ali S., and Alizay's father for treating us with some round timbits! 

Have a great evening everyone!

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Day 37

Assalamu alaikum, 
the SK2 class had a very busy day today masha Allah.  We started off the day with an elaborate French class with monsieur Said, followed by Arabic with teacher Salam, during Arabic the class worked on the letter jeem in our workbooks.

During period three we did our usual calendar routine with a quick review of some of the concepts we have been working on.  We also quickly reviewed our STAR rules.

Teacher Ibtissam does an amazing job keeping the students entertained and motivated during Quraan class.  The students have earned an ice cream party masha'Allah!

In the afternoon we had our "round object" show & tell.  Masha'Allah the students brought in many round objects such as balls, a cookie drawing, a fish bowl with a fish inside, tooth brush holder, a really round stuffed turtle, and a weaved plate from Eritrea.  Can't wait to see and hear about tomorrow's show & tells!

Have a good night :)

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Monday 2 November 2015

Day 36

Assalamu alaikum, I hope everyone had a great weekend :)

we had a wonderful day today alhamdulillah.

We started off the day with some leveled reading practice.  The students then told teacher Charmaine and I about their weekends, it sounds like many fun things took place over the weekend masha'Allah.
Congratulations to our friend Ammaar for getting a new pet fish!

During our second period we got to visit the library where we listened to a nice story, and then we got to sign out our very own books.  Please remember that library books are due on Friday.

Period three was our science/math lesson.  We started talking about our five senses that Allah swt has blessed us with, we talked about the different tastes and the students will get to taste test different things during our science centre on Wednesday insha'Allah.  In math we learned the number word -three.  Students should now be able to spell the following number words:


Period 4 the students had quraan with teacher Ibtissam, she was assessing the students on surat attakathur, please continue reviewing this sura with your child at home.

We had fun at the city park today, and group 1 got to stay outside for an extra 10 minutes as a special group reward masha'Allah!

During period 7 we wrote in our journals, today's topic was "I love to eat..." the students filled in with their favourite food choices and drew a picture to go with it.

Have a great evening everyone!

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Friday 30 October 2015

Day 35

Assalamu alaikum.

What a Friday! Alhamdulillah we had a very busy day.  The children started off the day with teacher Salam, they worked on the letter jeem and learned new vocabulary with that letter, they also watched an Arabic video about the letter jeem.

Teacher Ibtissam listened to the students' recitation of surat at-takathur.  Please help your child practice this sura at home.

During gym class the students play the pizza game, and water/fire/earth.

In the afternoon we read from Charlotte's web and had our Friday halaqa where we talked about the second pillar of Islam, prayer.  The students are learning the names of the five daily prayers and the number of rakaas in each prayer.  We prayed two rakas as a practice prayer, thank you for remembering to send in hijabs and prayer rugs.  Our friend Mohammed made the iqaama today for prayer, and we all made du'aa at the end of prayer.

We had some valuable play time at the end of the day, followed by a delicious treat brought in by sister Hanan, Abdorrahman's mother.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher 

Thursday 29 October 2015

Day 34

Assalamu alaikum,

jazakum Allahu khairan for keeping track of our show & tell schedule and sending in items related to our topic/theme.  This week we got some interesting orange items: oranges, carrots, orange cupcakes (thank you Yousif's mom), orange tigers, orange stuffies, a mysterious orange liquid, and many other orange objects.  

Today was TWIN DAY, thank you to all of you that participated in this awesome Spirit Day.  Alhamdulillah we had lots of twins and triplets in our very own classroom :) 

This morning we started off our day with some quraan with teacher Ibtissam, alhamdulillah we are all done surat at-takathur and we are getting ready to move on to our new sura.

During period two we did a very quick calendar followed by writing the letter Nn in our workbooks.  

Period three was with teacher Salam, she came in with a letter jeem jamal and a stuffed camel ready for her jeem lesson.  

It was raining during our recess time and so we stayed and played inside instead.  We also watched part of the Dr.Seuss movie Horton Hears a Who. 

In the afternoon the children authored and illustrated their own books.  They did an excellent job masha'Allah, please ask them to read these books to you at home and then they can place them with their other books at home.

Have a great evening,

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Day 32

Assalamu alaikum.

The children started off their day today with french class.  The french curriculum at Abraar school uses many gestures that go along with the words and sentences, this helps the students remember the words and sentences they learn in class.  Today the children watched a fun video that teaches the children some of these gestures.

During arabic class the children worked on the letter -thaa in their workbooks.

We did our morning calendar, during our calendar we reviewed all the letters we have taken so far.  We also counted to 100 by 1's, 10's, 5's, and we are learning how to count by 2's.  We are reading the story Charlotte's Web, this is a 22 chapter book that we will be reading over the next month insha'Allah.  This book will introduce the children to new vocabulary, and enhance their listening skills insha'Allah.

In math we worked on the number two in our math workbooks.  We learned how to draw two tally marks, we learned that the number two is an even number and we learned how to spell the number two.

During quraan class the children worked on ayas 7,8 and teacher Ibtissam would like them to practice these ayas at home.

During outdoor play the students had lots of fun searching for pine cones, climbing trees, and playing at the city park.

If your child hasn't brought in their homework, please make sure they bring it in tomorrow (homework is always due on Wednesdays).

Thank you for your cooperation and support!

Please remember that Thursday is TWIN DAY.

Have a great evening,

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Monday 26 October 2015

DAY 31

Assalamu alaikum,

we started off our day today with some Level 1 reading, followed by our morning circle time.  During our circle time we practiced our two duaas, and the children told me about their weekends.  We read our morning message, and introduced our new letter, the letter -Nn.  The children learned the sound that the letter Nn makes, and learned the correct way of forming the capital N and lower case n.

Teacher Nancy was away today, so we read a story in our classroom instead.  We read "The Dark" by Robert Munsch.  This book got us talking about shadows, and how they are formed.

In math we are learning the number word t-w-o.

During Quraan class the students have been working on surat at-takathur and they have two more ayas left and they will finish.

In the afternoon we had a surprise visitor from Dr.Aisha, she brought in a box and read a book called It's Not a Box to the class.  This book encourages students to use their imaginations and helps them see outside of the box.

In french class the students took the letter Ff and they learned a few words that begin with Ff.

Have a great evening everyone!

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Thursday 22 October 2015

Day 29

Assalamu alaikum,

the children started off the day with Quraan with teacher Ibtissam, masha'Allah the students are almost finished memorizing the whole sura!

New reading material "I Am"

After Quraan we worked on reading our new reading material, we also did calendar and read a nice Robert Munsch story, Thomas's Snowsuit.

The children had Arabic with teacher Salam, they worked on their small booklet on the letter -taa with tashkeel.

We had gym again today and during gym class we did our warm ups, followed by a game of pac-man, and a game of "granny says".

In the afternoon we worked on our beautiful fall art project.  It is now hanging beautifully in our hallway for everyone to enjoy.

Have a great evening,

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Fall Art
Fall Art

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Day 28 - Wonderful Wednesday

Assalamu alaikum!

We would like to welcome our friend Hakim to SK2.  Hakim has already made many friends, and is a great addition to our class.  

We had a great start to our day today with some hands-on learning centres.  Students were encouraged to visit two or three of the available centres.  Here are the centres that were available, and the goal of each centre:

1- Word Wheel: Students use the word wheel to make words, read them, and then write them. 
2- Roll and Record: Students roll a set of dice, count the dots, and write the number on their tracking sheet.
3- Play-dough Words: Students use play dough to write out the words.
4- Bananagram Letters: Students use letter tiles to form words that match the words on their cards.
5- Geoboards: Students use colourful rubber bands to make geometric shapes and alphabetical letters, and numbers!
6- Number Puzzles: Students worked together to help build 2 different numbers puzzles.

After our centre time we had our calendar time. During calendar we have been working on patterning, and graphing.  We also try and figure out what we should wear at recess depending on the afternoon temperature that the students tell the class about. (thank you for telling your child the temperature in the morning, this makes them very excited to share this information during calendar time).

In Arabic the students worked on the letter taa and vocabulary with that letter.  They are also learning the days of the week, and the welcoming song.

We had gym during period 4, we started off doing our usual warm ups including yoga, planks (ask your child to do this!), and other muscle building exercises.  We worked on different types of movement: running, jogging, side shuffle etc.  Due to popular demand, we ended our gym class with two games of the Pizza Game.

In the afternoon we had our Wednesday show & tell.  Many interesting items today masha Allah!  Wooden Quraan holder and giraffe spoon, coffee, a mug, some stuffed toys, a lego ship, the mater character from cars, and dark chocolate.

We got to visit the computer lab for the first time today.  The students enjoyed some interactive games from TVO kids, and Starfall.  If you have not sent in head phones for your child, please do so at your earliest convenience.

The students reached 10 points on their daily challenges, they were rewarded with some Timbits.

Have a great evening everyone,

Safiah Aghliw

SK2 Teacher