Tuesday 15 December 2015

Day 65

Assalamu alaikum!

Today we started off the day with French class with monsieur Said.  The students completed a letter Q q worksheet and vocabulary that begins with the letter Q.

During Quraan class teacher Ibtissam kept the children entertained while learning Quraan with some very creative Quraan games.  Please review the following ayas with your child: Surat Al-adiyat 1-5.

We introduced the letter Mm and brainstormed for many words that begin with the letter M.  We wrote the letter Mm in our phonics book.

During Arabic class the students were reviewing the letters alif-thaal.

Show and tell items have been very  unique and interesting! Keep them coming :)

Have a good evening,

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

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