Wednesday 16 December 2015

Day 66

Assalamu alaikum,

today we started off the day with some educational centres the students got to make some mittens, and search for the letter M's in our very own class story.

During Arabic class the students worked on the letter -raa and the students learned the word reesha (feather) and talked about the different birds that they know. The students worked on the letter raa in their Arabic workbook.

We are working on learning the rules of dodge ball, and learning how to play the game strategically.  We will be working on dodge ball for the next 3 classes insha'Allah and then we will move on to floor hockey insha'Allah.

In the afternoon we worked on the number 9-nine and visited the computer lab.

Have a great evening,

Safiah Aghliw

SK2 Teacher

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