Monday 14 December 2015

Day 64

Assalamu alaikum!

We started off our day today with some activity centres followed by our morning calendar.  We read our morning message together and talked about our weekends, and our plans for the winter holidays.

We visited the library and checked out some books to read over the winter holidays.  Teacher Nancy also read us a story about rocks, and all the different uses of rocks.

During period three the grade 4 reading buddies visited our classroom and we worked together to create some puppets and then the children worked together with their reading buddies to create a story for their puppets.  The last part of the class was spent presenting their story to another group.  Masha'Allah most of the students worked really well together with the grade fours.

In Quraan class teacher Ibtissam played a nice game with the class to help reinforce their knowledge of the heavy letters.  Students got to feed the hungry monsters some heavy letters, and then they got to pick out some questions from the egg basket to answer them.  

In the afternoon we read a chapter from Charlotte's web and had French class with monsieur Said. 

Have a great evening, 

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

Here is a note from monsieur Said regarding the SK curriculum.

Assalam alaikoum Dear parents, I hope my email finds you in good health and Eman.  You find below the expectations at a glance for senior kindergarten with exampls regarding French class. This year we are focusing on listening / speaking  using aimlanguagelearning.

Expectations at a Glance
Senior Kindergarten
Listening to Understand: listen in order to
demonstrate understanding of French oral text
Listening to Interact: use listening skills and
strategies in French in order to participate in
classroom activities.
A1.1 Identify words and/or simple phrases in order to understand oral French text
ExampleStudents respond to simple questions and follow one-step and two-step directions in various
contexts such as classroom routines, song lyrics, learning centres, large-group activities.

Teacher prompts:

« Dis les mots et fait comme Mme/M. » ; « Debout, tout
le monde et venez ici. » ; « Choisis la bonne image. » ;
« Colorie le mot et/ou l’image en rouge. » ; « Où est _____ ? » ;
« Qui peut/veut aider Mme/M. ? »

Student responses:

Students respond appropriately to teacher prompts, both
verbally and non-verbally: « Je suis ici. » ; « Il est là-bas. » ;
« Je peux/veux aider. »
A1.2 Demonstrate understanding of short oral French text, presented clearly and at a deliberate pace by
familiar speakers
ExampleStudents listen to a story, repetitive text, poem, song, text written by teacher, an oral description,
etc. and demonstrate understanding by acting it out, responding to questions, drawing, etc.

Teacher prompts:

« Montre-moi ____ (a character from a story, an object,
a picture, etc.) » ; « Dans l’histoire, _____ est très content.
Montre-moi que tu es content. » ; « Frappe les mains quand
tu entends le mot _____. » (e.g. a high frequency word,
a word with a particular sound)

Student responses:

Students respond appropriately to the above prompts,
listening and/or actively participating verbally and/or
A1.3 Use information and ideas from oral French text in order to make simple predictions and/or inferences
ExampleDuring various classroom activities, students use verbal and visual cues to make simple
predictions and/or inferences about familiar topics and classroom situations.
Teacher prompts:

« J’ai une surprise dans mon sac. C’est un fruit. C’est jaune.
Qu’est-ce que tu penses que c’est ? »

Student responses:

« C’est une banane. C’est un citron. »
Speaking to Deliver a Message:
communicate information orally in French
Speaking to Interact: use speaking skills and
strategies in French with teachers and peers
ExampleStudents repeat and use simple vocabulary and expressions as modelled in various
classroom activities using gestures.
B1.1 Communicate orally in French using words and/or complete sentences while participating in classroom activities
Teacher prompts:

While taking attendance, teacher looks for students
« Je cherche _____. Où est _____ ? » ; « Montre-moi ton ami. »

Student responses:

« Je suis ici ! » ; « _____ n’est pas ici ! » ; « Voici mon ami. »
B1.2 Respond orally in French to a variety of French text to convey information
ExampleStudents respond to shared reading of books, songs, poems, posters, etc.

Teacher prompts:

« Qui est dans l’histoire ? »

Student responses:

« Il y a une fille, un garçon et un chien. »

 Teacher Said
Jazakoum Allah khairan

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