Monday 2 November 2015

Day 36

Assalamu alaikum, I hope everyone had a great weekend :)

we had a wonderful day today alhamdulillah.

We started off the day with some leveled reading practice.  The students then told teacher Charmaine and I about their weekends, it sounds like many fun things took place over the weekend masha'Allah.
Congratulations to our friend Ammaar for getting a new pet fish!

During our second period we got to visit the library where we listened to a nice story, and then we got to sign out our very own books.  Please remember that library books are due on Friday.

Period three was our science/math lesson.  We started talking about our five senses that Allah swt has blessed us with, we talked about the different tastes and the students will get to taste test different things during our science centre on Wednesday insha'Allah.  In math we learned the number word -three.  Students should now be able to spell the following number words:


Period 4 the students had quraan with teacher Ibtissam, she was assessing the students on surat attakathur, please continue reviewing this sura with your child at home.

We had fun at the city park today, and group 1 got to stay outside for an extra 10 minutes as a special group reward masha'Allah!

During period 7 we wrote in our journals, today's topic was "I love to eat..." the students filled in with their favourite food choices and drew a picture to go with it.

Have a great evening everyone!

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

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