Wednesday 11 November 2015

Day 42 - Wonderful Wednesday

Assalamu alaikum,

What a wonderful day alhamdulillah.  Every year I think I have the best class, and then I get the next class and I am once again thinking "alhamdulillah this is the best class!" (masha'Allah).

We started off the day with some educational/fun centres.  Students were working together as a team to build marble runs using different recycled materials.  We also had a writing/drawing centre, a boogie board centre, and a painting centre.  

Period 3 was Arabic with teacher Salam, the children had lots of fun putting together a ح ـ  حصان craft mashallah.
During gym class, we did our usual warm-ups and then each student got a tennis ball and practiced throwing & catching, rolling the ball (bowling style), and bouncing the ball against the wall.  It was a very fun gym class!
We worked on a mini-book "the letter S" this will help the children read and recognize high-frequency words insha'Allah.

We are working on a new guided reading story.  It is called "I am clean"  the children did an excellent job right from the first day masha'Allah.

The afternoon's show& tell was run by teacher Nura today jazaha Allahu khairan, we had many many interesting books.  Thank you all for remembering to send in something with your child. :)

Unfortunately we did not get to visit the computer lab today, the network was down recently and that has affected the connectivity of the computers.
We read a chapter from Charlotte's Web at the end of the day.
Have a great evening everyone!
Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

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