Friday 26 February 2016

Day 105

Assalamu alaikum,

we had a great couple of days mashallah.  

Today we started off the day tracing some 3D shapes to see, what shapes the faces of the 3D shapes have.

Teacher Salam came in and the students worked on the letter  ظ-thaa, they also learned some vocabulary words associated with this letter.

During period two we had gym class and we played some nice games of frozen tag and did a little bit of yoga to start.  In the spring we will be starting our soccer, track and field, and baseball units insha'Allah.

In the afternoon we had our Islamic Studies halaqa, and prayer.  Our imam was Isa today, masha'Allah!

We also worked on three pages of phonics book 3.

Have a great evening,

Teacher Safiah
SK2 Teacher

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