Sunday, 25 May 2014

SK2 Weekly Updates! (May19 – May23)

As-salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatuhu

Dear Parents,

Here are some updates:

Language Arts:
Phonics: This week, we learned the sounds of the digraphs er, and ar. Please check the link below for further practice at home:

This week we practiced writing our own sentences using sentence starters. Way to go SK2!

Literacy Tips:
  • Read for 20 minutes with your child everyday.
  • Please help your child to read the book from their reading bag daily.
  • Go to and to enhance your child’s reading skills.

Math:  Subtraction in Action:

We started to learn how to subtract using subtraction strategies such as drawing pictures and counting fingers in order to write a subtraction sentence.

We sang the song “Five Little Monkeys and acted out subtraction problems while we listened to the song (ex: 5 little monkeys swinging in a tree, teasing Mr. Alligator, "Can't catch me!" Along came Mr. Alligator, quiet as can be and snapped 4 monkeys out of the tree). One student was the alligator and used his arms to "snap" the monkeys out of the tree. Then, we used a tree mat and monkey cut-outs to model the problems. Finally, we coloured and pasted our monkeys on our own booklet and made a subtraction problem.

On Friday, we listened to our all time favourite "Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons" and then modeled subtraction problems using Pete the Cat work mats and some buttons. As we listened to the story about Pete losing his buttons, we modeled the problems and wrote the subtraction sentence. Sk2 enjoyed this hands-on activity a lot, Masha-Allah!

Math tips:   
·         Have your child draw pictures on a calendar to record each day’s weather. At the end of the month, make a picture graph showing how many sunny days, rainy days, and cloudy days were there in that month.
·         Have your children manipulate objects to figure out basic concepts in Math. For addition, they could add one, two, or more blocks to a pile of blocks and then tell you how many blocks are in the pile.
·         Play board games like Chutes & Ladders, Sorry!, Dominoes, etc. as they promote the development of counting skills, understandings of patterns, and numeral recognition.

Islamic Studies:
We reviewed the fourth pillar of Islam, “The Zakah’ (Charity). We took turns to give ideas about types of food we can donate to Sadaqa Food Bank for the Food Drive.

We made a donation box ”I am a helping hand for the needy”. Please encourage your child to collect money in their donation box on a regular basis in order to help the needy in the month of Ramadan and afterwards. This way they will get in a habit of collecting/ donating money for charity.

3-D mosque Presentations:
Sk2 are doing a wonderful job presenting their 3D mosques, Masha-Allah!

Sadaqah Food Bank (Food Drive):

Alhamdo-lillah, Our class had collected 107 food items for the Sadaqah Food Bank. Jazak-Allahu khariun for everyone sending the food for the needy.

Jazakumullahu-khaira for your co-operation and support!