Sunday 2 October 2016

SK2 Weekly Updates: (Sep. 26 - Sep. 30)

As-salamu-alaikum wa Rahmatullah Dear Parents,

I hope and pray that all of you are doing well insha'Allah. We had a wonderful week of school alhamdulillah! Below are some updates from our classroom.

Daily Morning Routine in SK2
Students are learning to write their names early morning when they come to the class. This activity can help the children practice writing their names in Arabic. All children are expected to be able to write their first name and recognize itMasha’Allah I have all many students are able to write their names. After signing their names, the students then can choose a colouring or any quiet activity until the bell rings for circle time.

Hold pencil correctly. 
Correct pencil hold is important. The pencil should be held in the tripod grip between the thumb and first two fingers. If the hold starts incorrectly, it is very difficult to get right later on. You will need to show the correct hold on many occasions, and keep on giving reminders.

Dear parents, please help your child practice how to hold a pencil corretly. Thank you 
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We are still working on the following goals:
Learning how to hold the pencil correctly and how to write from right to left in Arabic.
Learning about classroom rules and manners and how to be a star.
Learning the names of the 7 days of the week in order through a fun and interactive song.
Learning the names of the 12 months in order also through a fun song.

·    Talking about the weather, and learning about the different vocabulary associated with that through the weather/calendar songs.

·    Practicing how to answer in full sentences.

·    Learning some Islamic anasheed such as (Assalam alikum, Bismillah, the five senses song, the feelings song and the body parts song), please ask your child about it.

·    Singing the Arabic Alphabet song.
·    Listening to different Islamic and Arabic stories. 

·    We reviewed the difference between Alef ((  ا  and Hamza ( ( ء

·    We reviewed some words that have Alef and words that have Hamza.

    Learned the name of the harakat (fatha, kasra , and dama) and how to read the letters studied with them; this has been accomplished through a number of activities, such as songs, games, stories, and competitions. The children have found these activities to be exciting and fun. Please ask your children about them and watch as they make the sounds and the actions.

Arabic Language"(Review) اللغة العربية

Lesson Title: The letter ( أإأ ) Hamza fatha, hamza kasra, hamza dama)
The students worked on the Arabic letter in the classroom.
Reading: Read the letter with short vowels (fatha, kasra, and dama) 

Writing: Practice writing the letter أإأ in the Arabic workbook.
Orally:  Ask the kids what is your name? and how are you? in Arabic. Know the different between asking a boy or a girl ( feminine and masculine ) كيف حالك ؟ ما اسمـك؟  The kids have to answer in complete sentences.
how many days in a week? كم يوم في الاسبوع ؟
What day is today? ما اليوم ؟

Social skills:
We’re still working really hard on our social skills! We’re learning to share toys, smiling at each other, and apologizing to each other if we hurt each other's feelings.  Please visit Class Dojo to get daily updates.
Reading related stories for the feelings topic we discussed in class:

Islamic studies:

 We are learning that Allah (SWT) is the creator of everything. By the end of this unit, your child should understand that Allah is one, and be able to distinguish Allah’s creation from what man created through the materials that Allah has provided.

We integrated islamic studies topic with art. The children learned how to write the word Allah in Arabic. 

We’ve been practicing our oral counting.We learned number Two.  We learned what are Al sahaadatan.The students had so much fun trying to find number 2 in our classroom. Students practiced writing Two in their math booklet.  For our calendar time, the kids are learning to count the days of the week by using the ordinal numbers. 

The theme for this month is All About Me! The children will learn about their body parts in Arabic and to say full sentences about themselves. This week the students learned about the five senses. They learned this topic through an educational song. Please ask your child about it!

Next week we will learn about the fall season.

ارى بعيني
اسمع باذني
اتذوق بلسانى
اشم بانفى
المس بيدى

Science related reading to the five senses topic which I read in class this week. Please ask your child about it.

Show & Tell:
SK2 are doing a wonderful job in their show & tell. Insha’Allah we will continue this activity until the end of the year. The Show & Tell is a part of our week that we all look forward to. Children got to share some of their favourite shirts, and books with the class through the means of an oral presentation. Please remember to post your child’s Show & Tell on the fridge to remind him/her of the day they suppose to do their turn.

Star of the Week:
We've had some shining stars in our SK2 classroom. Congratulations to the following students for being the most recent STARS OF THE WEEK: Nusaibah and M.Taha We hope to see many more stars brightening up our SK2 classroom inshaAllah.

The stars of the week will be selected every Friday insha'Allah based on overall behavior throughout the week, homework completion, participation, and acts of kindness.

                       Jazakum Allahu khairan for your cooperation and support!

    SK2 Early Arabic Language Immersion Program Team (EALIP)
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