Monday 18 April 2016

April 18

Assalamu alaikum everyone!

We had a great Monday today alhamdulillah.  We started off the day with some puzzles followed by our Monday circle time.  We talked about our weekends, and had some fun putting sight words into sentences.  

During period two the class went with teacher Ghada to the library.  Teacher Nancy read the class a wonderful book, and the students got to sign out their very own books.  Thank you very much to all of you that have been returning books, homework, forms, and reading program materials in a timely manner.

During period three we went outside on a "nature walk", the students looked for different items and checked them off on their list mashallah.

During period four the class worked very hard on making their very own Quraan lap book.  This book will remind the students on what surat Al-Qadr is all about.

In the afternoon we worked on the sounds ee-or, and in French class the students practiced French vocabulary with monsieur Said.

Have a great evening everyone!

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

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