Thursday 29 January 2015

Thinking Thursday :)

Assalamu alaikum!

What a busy busy couple of days masha'Allah.

In language we got an introduction to our new ten passwords (sight words!) the students practiced reading them, and then we managed to put them into some interesting sentences.

Yesterday we introduced the sound that the letters -ai- make together. The action to this sound is cupping the ear and pretending not to hear making the sound: eeeh.  This sound can be found in the word sail, tail, mail, nail...etc

Today we read the story for the letter Jj, and the children had some fun wiggling like jelly and saying jjjjjjjj,

In science/math we talked about different kinds of measurement tools: thermometer used to measure temperature, scale used to measure weight, ruler or measuring stick used to measure height or length etc.  We ended the lesson with the students getting weighed and comparing the weights using the terms: more, less, most, least. 

We have a cool science experiment hanging on top of our chalkboard. We have three ziploc bags, each with a slice of white bread inside.  One slice was touched by every single student and teacher in our class, the other slice was breathed on by every person in the class, and the third was carefully placed using tongs into the ziploc bag. The children will get to see first hand the difference between food that has been contaminated vs. food that has not been exposed to contamination.  The students made predictions on what they think will happen, and we will be monitoring closely over the next few days to see what happens insha'Allah.

In Islamic studies we are discussing akhlaaq.  We are using drama to act out various scenarios related to akhlaq (manners).  What to do if someone has something you want?  If you hear someone saying something negative about someone else should you go tell them? Should you call someone a name that might hurt their feelings?  

In gym class we had a great time warming up with jumping jacks, burpees, 40 second plank, sit-ups, stretches, and balancing on one foot.  We then played pac-man, and alien tag.

We are going to continue working on our dioramas this upcoming art class, the students are very excited about this project mashallah.

Thank you all for helping your children complete their homework on time! Mashallah this is the first week that everyone's homework comes back on time :) 

Thank you for your amazing support and cooperation.

Safiah Aghliw
SK2 Teacher

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