Wednesday 17 September 2014

Writing Wednesday

Assalamu alaikum everyone!

We started off our day with some collaborative-play rug activities that included wooden blocks, legos, mega-blocks, and hand-to-eye coordination toys.  This morning activity encourages creativity, cooperation, and sharing.  

We are writing!!! Today was our first day writing in our journals :).  The children were very excited to be writing in their very own notebooks.

We had a wonderful time reading and being read to in the library today.
A big thank you to Tr.Nancy, our wonderful librarian.

The children did an amazing job showing and talking about their baby pictures & family pictures.  If your child didn't get a chance to present because you didn't have the time to provide him/her with a photo, please let them draw a picture of their family and they can present that to the class.

Over the past two days we have been practicing our gym routine.  This involves doing the warm-up, simple exercises, and playing simple games.  The students enjoyed some relay races, and playing duck-duck-goose, and hot potato!

In science we are starting a thematic unit on the 5-senses.  Today we worked on the sense of smell.  The students brainstormed things that smelled "nice" and "stinky".  Some of the items on the nice included:  flowers, perfume, soap, and popcorn.  Some of the stinky items included: socks, bathrooms, skunks, cats, and doggy doo-doo!  The students also took part in a smelling exercise that involved smelling different items, this included : coffee, vanilla, soap, apples, and tea bags.

Thank you to everyone that sent in snacks for our "snacks bank".  Jazakum Allahu Khairan.

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