Wednesday 23 March 2016

Wacky Wednesday

Assalamu alaikum!

We had a very busy today alhamdulillah.  We started off the day with some educational centres.  Some students were cutting and pasting the letters of their name from a magazine (excellent for fine motor skills and letter recognition from media source).  Others were making words on the carpet with our wooden letters.  Some students were tracing shapes and making pictures out of them, and others were sorting according to colour and size masha'Allah!

We did a very quick calendar followed by Arabic class.  Teacher Salam introduced a new letter today! Mashallah the students learned the letter 'ain and vocabulary associated with this letter.  Please view Arabic blog post to read the latest  Arabic update.  

In gym class the class was divided into six teams of 4, and students competed in team-building and skill-building exercises.  

In the afternoon we took the colour words -yellow- and -green-.  We ended the day with a nice visit to the computer lab. *Teacher Ghada now accompanies our class to the computer lab while I teach their class English.  


Have a great evening everyone :)

Safiah Aghliw

SK2 Teacher

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