Wednesday 23 March 2016

Arabic Update from Teacher Salam

S.K - Arabic
Assalamoalaikum, alhamduallah we have finished the second term with great results and are starting the third one. To date, we studied the letters from Alif to Ayn, learned words that began with these letters and became familiar with these letters through a variety of activities. We also had fun reading stories and learning new songs. I’m amazed at the Senior Kindergarten’s abilities to learn Arabic. MashaAllah!
Going forward, the students will be expected to:
* Know and read the letters from Alif to Aeen (as shown below).
* Read these letters with Fatha, Kasra, and Damma.
* Recognize words that begin with these letters.
Jazakuma  Allah Khairan
Tr. Salam
س    ث     ع    ح    ط    ظ   ر    ش    ص    ا    ب   ج    د    ز    ت   خ   ذ    ض

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