Thursday 6 March 2014

Message from Tr. Said (French Teacher)

Assalamu Alaikum Dear Parents,

 I hope my email finds you in good health. I would like to give you some updates on the French material covered so far.

In this term, we are still focusing on listening, speaking.

You find below what we did in the class:

1-  Reviewing the pronunciation of (A Auto, B Baleine, C Chien, D Diamant, E Éléphant, F  Fromage, G Guitare, H Héron, I Igloo, J Jus, K Kiwi, L Lion) .

2-  We did (  M Miel, N Nid )

3-   Les figures géométriques  parlent : Bonjour rectangle. (a – happy triangle, a sad circle and a neutral rectangle.

Bonjour triangle.
Regarde la-bas !
Tu vois le cercle?
Oui je vois le cercle.
Il est triste.
Tu vois le carré?
Oui je le vois.

4-  Learning numbers 11 to 15 ( cards numbered 11 to 15 using two differently colored cardboards ( red and blue for 11; black and white for 12; green and yellow for 13, orange and brown for 14) the back must be the same colour as the numbered face of the cards.

5-  Developing comprehension of a few language forms used to ask for personal information:

-      C’est beau .
-      Montre-moi les yeux, le nez,
-      C’est quoi le nom de ton papa?
-      Compte combien de crayons sur la table?
-      Quel est son nom?
-      C’est quelle couleur?
-      C’est quel fruit?

6-  You find below songs of : les crocodiles, les noms des membres du corps, les fruits et les chiffres de 1- 20 .

Jazakoum Allah khairan.