Sunday 26 January 2014

SK2 Weekly Updates! (Jan 20 – Jan 24)

As-salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatuhu

Dear Parents,

Here are our classroom updates:

Language Arts
In Phonics, we started “Jolly Phonics workbook 4.” In this workbook, we will be learning how to sound out Digraphs. Digraphs have two letters, but make one sound (e.g: ai, oa, ie, ee, or). We learned that when two vowels go walking, the first does the talking (So the spelling “ai” says the name of the first vowel, A. It is also called the long A vowel sound). This week we covered the digraphs oa (long ) and ie (long I). We have also been learning new sight words and digraphs in sentences. For more practice on long vowel sounds and other letter sounds, please go to this interesting website:

Reading: We re-read the book “Time to Sleep” and talked about places where different animals hibernate. Then, we made a T-chart as a class and took turns discussing about the animals who hibernate and animals who don’t. On Friday, we role-played the “Time to Sleep” book. Students played the role of animals in the book and pretended to hibernate. It was a very enjoyable activity so we decided to perform the play again next week, Insha-Allah.


Writing: We wrote a writing response for the question: If I was an animal, where would I want to hibernate in winter? Great work! SK2.

Oral Communication: One of the expectations for students in oral communication is to present their show & tell using proper presentation skills (tone, volume & eye contact). In Sk2, we have already started our Allah’s Creation-Living things diorama show and tell presentations. Students are doing a great job showing and presenting the habitat of their living things, Masha-Allah.

Literacy Tips:

·                     Read for 20 minutes with your child everyday.
·                     Practice finding two letter and three letter words with your child while reading at home.
·                     Go to and reading bears to enhance your child’s reading skills.

We started our new unit on Measurement, which is a fun unit. In this unit, we will be learning how to measure length, mass, area, temperature, and capacity. This week, we used non- standard units of measurement such as unifix cubes/linking cubes to first estimate. Then, the students measured different materials and objects from the class. We also estimated and then measured the heights of some friends in the class.

Math tips:   
  • Use play dough to roll out two ‘snakes' of different lengths. Talk about one snake being ‘shorter' and the other ‘longer.'
  • Play board games like Chutes & Ladders, Sorry!, Dominoes, etc. as they promote the development of counting skills, understandings of patterns, and numeral recognition.

In Science, we reviewed our winter theme and then made a craft of a bear hibernating in a cave.  

Visual Arts
In Visual Arts, we are working on our snow globe using q-tip painting.

Islamic Studies
We read a story on Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). We also read a story ”Hamza Learns Wudu” on Wudu (Ablution) and reviewed the steps of wudu  by singing a wudu poem called “This is the way we make wudu.”

International day;

Thanks for sending the yummy food from your country of origin. We had a great time eating and socializing with our friends, Alhumdulilah!

Jazakumullahu-khaira for your co-operation and support!